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Trip Reports
Reports on the birding trips that we do. To have your own experiences noted here, please email your trip report to us.

African Pita - Mozambique Dec08 - Maans Booysen

We went on a trip to find the African Pita in the Zambezi Valley of Central Mozambique with Etienne Marais and we found it in the Coutada 12 area near Catapu. It was a hot and very dry Mozambique and not what we expected. We have seen a lot of bird species but missed out on some of the migrants, the area was too dry!

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23-28 January 09 - Chris Lotz

I joined Maans' trip from 23-28 January to his 2 camps in southern Mozambique - Mokolo Bay Lodge at Ponta da Barra near Inhambane and Hyliota Camp near Panda. As expected, birding was absolutely phenomenal.

On the long drive from Jo'burg to Barra, we briefly looked for the Spur-winged Lapwing reported near Xai-Xai, but without success. The route between Maputo and Inhambane, although rushed, did yield some good birds like BLACK COUCALS in the open at midday, a couple of sightings of SOUTHERN BANDED SNAKE EAGLE, PALM-NUT VULTURES, etc.
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Mosambiek 14 -21 Januarie 08

Diegene wat Maans Booysen se uitnodiging om die bekendstellingstoer na Ponto da Barra en Hyliota Kamp te Panda mee te maak, nie kon aanvaar nie, het “big time” verloor.

Maans, Lesley Ryan, Ria Mynhardt en ‘n jong man, Byron, vertrek vroegdag uit Pretoria, om, hopelik teen 19h00 in Barra te wees. Die nuwe Pejero het besluit daar is tande kry probleme, en ons is vertraag, maar met puik hulp uit Belfast, bereik ons die “Honey-pot” buite Xai-Xai waar ons oornag. Die Bosuile is nie skaam nie, en ek het my eerste “lifer” Hier kyk ons voëls terwyl die Pajero versien word, en ry al voëlkykende Ponto da Barra toe.

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Condensed trip report - Maans Booysen

Hereby a condensed trip report of birding trips during 2007 & 2008 in the Southern Mozambique region conducted by WETO Birding Tours. These trips were led by Maans Booysen, assisted by his son Gerhard Booysen. The trips were quite successful in exploring various areas. We succeeded in finding most of the key species. The time span varied from 6 to 10 days for a trip. Areas where we concentrated were Xai Xai, Limpopo floodplains - South of Chibuto, Panda area around Hyliota Camp and Ponto da Barra in the Inhambane area.

Key species seen in Xai Xai area and surrounding Floodplains: Rosy-throated Longclaw, African Hobby, Southern Banded Snake-eagle, Black Coucal, Senegal Lapwing, Collared Pratincole, Rufous-Bellied Heron and European March Harrier. We stayed at Honeypot Camp just North of 3 De Ferreiro.

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Birding trip to Mozambique, Panda and Barra 14-21 Jan 08

Maans Booysen organized the trip and we headed off east on the 14th for a week's birding. Car problems on the way delayed us so we could not reach Barra for the first night. Instead we stayed at Honeypot just before Xai Xai and then arrived at Makolo Bay at Barra the next day, where we stayed for 2 nights. Then onto Hyliota Camp in the Panda region - ( destined to become one of Southern Africa's birding hotspots, I am sure!)- for 2 nights, back to Mokolo for another 2 nights before returning home.

Summary of birds

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Text and photographs by Dan Nuttall 
(taken from Africa Birds and Birding February 1998 Vol.3, No.1)

A first sighting is a rare pleasure, something that lingers in the minds of most birders. Today is no exception. What makes this particular sighting so indelible is my awareness that very few people have seen this species. But here, literally in hand, are 12 Olive-headed Weavers - an intriguing and rarely seen species. Courtesy of Robert Prys-Jones, I am sitting amidst the vast avifaunal collection of the Rothschild Zoological Museum in Tring, England. The collection forms a part of the larger faunal collection of the British Natural History Museum.