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Home Checklists
Various checklists for birds and other things to be found in our area.
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1   Link   Birds - SA Endemics
Southern Africa Endemic Bird Species
2   Link   Birds - Inhambane Checklist
Birds found in the Inhambane Area
3   Link   Birds - Panda Checklist
Birds found in the Panda Area
4   Link   Birds - Inhambane - Maans Booysen
Birds found by Maans Booysen in the Inhambane Area
5   Link   Birds - Mozambique - Maans Booysen
Birds found by Maans Booysen in Mozambique
6   Link   Birds - Panda - Maans Booysen
Birds found in the Panda area by Maans Booysen


Text and photographs by Johann Grobbelaar 
(taken from Africa Birds and Birding April 2003 Vol.8, No.2)

I'm staring at a nest 12 meters up a tree. The scary part is that I am at eye-level with it … not very comforting unless you're used to being at a height equivalent to that of a four-storey building. Sweat is running into my eyes as I peer through the viewfinder. It's hot outside, but that's nothing compared to the heat trapped within my small hide. Not even the honey bee that has just crawled down my sock into my right boot can distract me.